A fruitful third WEST Experimental Planning Meeting   

The third WEST Experimental Planning Meeting (WEPM 3) was held from 22 to 24 March by visioconference and gathered around 150 Fusion scientists.


150 scientists were registered for the WEPM 3. Among this wide audience, half came from external collaborations (in particular experts from the French Federation of Research Magnetic Fusion, from EUROfusion laboratories, from US and Chinese laboratories, from Iter Organization) with a strong involvement of our European and American colleagues.

After scientific background showing how WEST could contribute to prepare ITER operation and guide the DEMO design, more than 100 proposals were presented. Lively discussions were held after each presentation despite the remotely meeting format. The output of the meeting was to decide the main objectives for the first campaigns of the WEST phase 2, to be presented at the next WEST Governing Board Meeting early May.

An exciting time is ahead with the first campaign of the second operation phase scheduled to start in summer 2021, with a great hope to welcome WEST collaborators in the control room !

SG165549, 2021-03-26