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    Join us !
    IRFM welcomes around 30 PhD students and 40 trainees per year.
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    WEST Tokamak

    W (tungsten) Environment in Steady-state Tokamak
    WEST validates and fatigue-tests the ITER actively-cooled tungsten divertor components
    during the ITER construction phase and prepare their safe operation.

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    IRFM activities
    Participating in the realization of ITER and European Fusion program
    Preparing the operation of next generation devices
    Fusion physics understanding by theory and experiments
    Fusion Reactor Studies
    And Much More...

Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research

IRFM is an institute of CEA, the French Alternatives Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. Located in the CEA Cadarache Centre, with ITER next door, the 200+ physicists, engineers and technicians of the Institute carry out research on Magnetic Fusion as a potential future energy source.

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IRFM Activities

Project Iter

Contribute to the implementation of the ITER project and those of the “Broader Approach”

Experiment, control, theory and modelling

Prepare the scientific operation of ITER, through control and experimentation activities, and through theory and modeling,

Future fusion reactor

Establish the basis for future fusion reactor.








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Latest publications

Role of avalanche transport in competing drift wave and interchange turbulence

Philippe Ghendrih, Guilhem Dif-Pradalier, Olivier Panico, Yanick Sarazin, Hugo Bufferand, Guido Ciraolo, Peter Donnel, Nicolas Fedorczak, Xavier Garbet, Virginie Grandgirard, Pascale Hennequin, Eric Serre, Patrick Tamain


Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2022, 2397, pp.012018. ⟨10.1088/1742-6596/2397/1/012018⟩

Improved accuracy and robustness of electron density profiles from JET’s X-mode frequency-modulated continuous-wave reflectometers

R Morales, A Salmi, P Abreu, C Amador, L Appel, P Carman, J Fessey, J Flanagan, M Fontana, L Frassinetti, C Giroud, S Hacquin, S Heuraux, L Meneses, G Ronchi, R Sabot, A Silva, A Sirinelli, G Szepesi, D Taylor, D Terranova


Review of Scientific Instruments, 2024, 95 (4), ⟨10.1063/5.0176696⟩

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and individual patient data comparing minimally invasive with open oesophagectomy for cancer

B. Müller-Stich, P. Probst, H. Nienhüser, S. Fazeli, J. Senft, E. Kalkum, P. Heger, R. Warschkow, F. Nickel, A.T. Billeter, P. Grimminger, C. Gutschow, T. Dabakuyo-Yonli, G. Piessen, M. Paireder, S. Schoppmann, D. van der Peet, M. Cuesta, P. van der Sluis, R. van Hillegersberg, A. Hölscher, M. Diener, T. Schmidt


British Journal of Surgery, 2021, 108 (9), pp.1026-1033. ⟨10.1093/bjs/znab278⟩

Deuterium uptake, desorption and sputtering from W(110) surface covered with oxygen

E.A. Hodille, B. Pavec, J. Denis, A. Dunand, Y. Ferro, Marco Minissale, Thierry Angot, Christian Grisolia, Régis Bisson


Nuclear Fusion, 2024, 64 (4), pp.046022. ⟨10.1088/1741-4326/ad2a29⟩

Non-linear gyro-kinetic Ion Temperature Gradient (ITG) and Trapped Electron Modes (TEM) turbulence modelling in X-point geometry with 3D fields, Edge Localized Modes and at negative and positive triangularity shapes

M Bécoulet, G Huijsmans, X Garbet, P Donnel, G Dif-Pradalier, Lian Wang, Guangzhou Hao, A Marinoni, L Kripner


FEC 2023 - 29th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 2023, Londres, United Kingdom.

European edge fluid modelling tools towards self-consistent reactor-relevant conditions

P Tamain, G Brethes, H Bufferand, M Capasso, S Carli, A Coelho, R Coosemans, A Coroado, W Dekeyser, J Fausty, Y Marandet, A Poulsen, M Raghunathan, P Ricci, N Rivals, A Stegmeir, L Stenger, D Tskhakaya, M Wiesenberger, W Zholobenko


FEC 2023 - 29th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 2023, Londres, United Kingdom

Overview of the EUROfusion Tokamak Exploitation Programme in support of ITER and DEMO

Emmanuel Joffrin, M. Wischmeier, M. Baruzzo, A. Hakola, A. Kappatou, D. Keeling, B. Labit, E. Tsitrone, N. Vianello.


FEC 2023 - 29th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 2023, Londres, United Kingdom.

Impact of an Electron-Cyclotron source on tokamak turbulence

Peter Donnel, J. Cazabonne, S. Coda, Joan Decker, G. Di Giannatale, L. Villard, Y. Savoye-Peysson


FEC 2023 - 29th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 2023, Londres, United Kingdom.

Density profile and turbulence evolution during L-H transition studied with the ultra-fast swept reflectometer on ASDEX Upgrade

A. Medvedeva, C. Bottereau, F. Clairet, Pascale Hennequin, U. Stroth, G. Birkenmeier, M. Cavedon, G D Conway, T. Happel, S. Heuraux, D. Molina, A. Silva, M. Willensdorfer, Asdex Upgrade Team


Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 2017, 59 (12), pp.125014. ⟨10.1088/1361-6587/aa9251⟩

Modelling SOL flow pattern spreading in the edge plasma

Livia Isoardi, Guido Ciraolo, Guillaume Chiavassa, Pierre Haldenwang, Eric Serre, Philippe Ghendrih, Yanick Sarazin, Frédéric Schwander, Xavier Garbet, Patrick Tamain


Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2009, 390-391, pp.388-391. ⟨10.1016/j.jnucmat.2009.01.088⟩