JIFS (JT-60SA International Fusion School)   

The first edition of the JT-60SA International Fusion School, founded and directed by G. Giruzzi (CEA) and Y. Kamada (ITER), took place in Naka (Japan) from September 4 to 15.


The twenty selected students (10 Europeans and 10 Japanese) had the opportunity to follow lectures given by twenty-four scientists, from Europe and Japan, on a set of subjects related to the physics of fusion plasmas, as well as to tokamak technology and operation. The school also included two days of practical works in small groups of four students, as well as three in-depth tours of the JT-60SA tokamak and of other facilities at the QST/Naka Fusion Research Centre.

As one of the school's objectives is to create links between the younger generations (European and Japanese) of physicists and fusion engineers, the organization has also planned a number of extra-teaching activities: notably a cultural exchange session and an excursion, self-organized by the students during the weekend. The ensemble of the activities was very appreciated by students and lecturers, among whom an excellent atmosphere was created during the two weeks spent together.

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VP116120, 2023-09-21