WEST enters phase 2: Installation of the fully actively cooled tungsten divertor completed   

Since the end of June 2021, WEST is equipped with the full set of tungsten (W) plasma-facing units (PFU) based on ITER divertor technology.


The actively cooled W divertor is composed of 456 PFU, most of which were manufactured by the AT&M company with the support of the Chinese laboratory ASIPP, within the collaborative SIFFER framework between CEA and China. Several PFUs were also supplied by the European domestic agency F4E.

This new phase of WEST will allow to test ITER-like divertor components under long durations (up to 1000 s) and to address the physics and engineering challenges of long-pulse tokamak operation, in preparation for ITER and beyond.  

Congratulations to all the team and the people involved in this achievement!

SG165549, 2021-07-29