Sad News : André Samain passed away on December, 11 2019.   



André Samain was a bright and creative physicist, who pioneered several fields of research related to magnetic confinement fusion. His abundant scientific production covers a broad spectrum of topics such as MHD stability, transport processes, plasma/wall interaction (most notably ergodic divertors), RH heating and superconductivity. He was particularly interested in irreversible processes and time arrow until his last breath. Well known for his puzzling intuition, André Samain has left his mark in the physics of magnetised plasmas thanks to the novelty of his ideas and a theoretical approach close to experimentation. André Samain has trained several generations of French scientists in plasma physics. His charism, rigor in scientific approach, and wide ranging knowledge has struck the minds of his colleagues and students. His memory will last through his intellectual legacy.


CR160259, 2019-12-16