10th edition of the “Festival de Theorie” begins   

On Monday, July 1st, the 10th Theory Festival welcomed young researchers and experienced physicists, to the Faculty of Arts, Literature, Languages and human Sciences of Aix en Provence for the opening presentation by Ed Ott.


Ed Ott is an American specialist of chaos and dynamical systems. He began the talks with his presentation “Emergent macroscopic behavior in large systems of many coupled oscillators” in front of a very attentive audience.

This Festival, gathering about 80 physicists from all over the world, with a great majority of young researchers will last 4 weeks and will address this year, the theme of “phase dynamics”. The various presentations will focus on the dynamics of the relative phase of two fields interacting non-linearly. Phase dynamics are an important element for the control of turbulent transport and more generally fusion plasmas confinement performance.

SG165549, 2019-07-01