Axel Jardin award winner of the EPS 2017 prize for the best poster   


Axel Jardin, PhD student at IRFM, won one of the four prizes rewarding the best posters presented by PhD students at the EPS conference on Plasma Physics held this year in Belfast (Northern Ireland) from 26 to 30 June, 2017. More than 500 physicists gather each year thanks to this conference. This year, 70 PhD posters were evaluated by the EPS Committee.

Axel Jardin described his work about “Investigation of impurity cooling factor robustness against transport for application of GEM detectors to W core density reconstruction on WEST”. He studies the effect of transport of impurities on their radiation in the plasma core, and the application to the reconstruction of the tungsten density with the soft X-ray diagnostic (GEM) of WEST. Indeed, the tungsten heavy impurities present in the plasma core degrade the energy confinement by radiation in the soft X-ray range. Their control thus constitutes a major concern for tokamaks, and in particular for ITER. This work focuses on the measurement of tungsten in order to better understand its transport inside the plasma. This thesis is supervised by D. Mazon and D. Moreau of the Department of Fusion Plasma Physics (SPPF).

For more information about this subject: the abstract  and the article.

SG165549, 2017-07-27