First Portuguese minister's steps around a fusion tokamak   

Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology & Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, visited WEST in IRFM premises this week, guided around by Alain Bécoulet (Head of IRFM) & Jérome Bucalossi (IRFM - WEST project Leader)


Along with 20 people, including Carlos Varandas (F4E Steering Commitee), Bruno Gonçalves (Head of IPFN - Portugal) & numerous industrial partners, Manuel Heitor met ITER Organization's Head Bernard Bigot in the morning and had a tour in ITER worksite.

Followed by a short introduction on IRFM's activities in the afternoon, the Ministerial delegation was guided around IRFM premises (Control room, Virtual Reality room) and shown Plasma Facing components and the inside of the WEST vacuum vessel "through the window".

Having a scientist background, Manuel Heitor couldn't react differently than showing a very enthusiastic interest for our activities.


Manuel Heitor & Jérôme Bucalossi looking through WEST vacuum vessel's window

SG165549, 2017-02-10