Operation Department (STEP)
Service Tokamak Exploitation et Pilotage

The Operation Department (STEP, Service Tokamak Exploitation et Pilotage) is responsible for the operation, maintenance and experimentation of the tokamak and the evolution of its core systems.

Operation Department (STEP)

STEP staff

These activities include:

  • operational implementation of the experimental sessions;
  • assembly, installation and removal of components, inside or outside the vacuum chamber, in relation with the IRFM groups;
  • operation, maintenance and development of systems:
    • plasma fueling and diagnostics closely related to machine operation;
    • articulated inspection arm;
    • data acquisition system, supervision, monitoring and control;
    • cooling system and calorimetry;
    • tokamak vacuum and associated test-benches;
    • superconducting magnets and associated cryogenic plant;
    • electrical distribution and power supplies;
  • access control to restricted areas and management of IRFM nuclear materials;
  • technical support to other platforms of the institute, mainly on mechanics, vacuum, fluid distribution (standard and cryogenic), electrical engineering, electronics, data acquisition and control systems;
  • contribution to different major projects (including JT-60SA, ITER, DEMO) in the Department’s areas of expertise.

The Head of STEP also has complementary responsibilities covering:

  • the technical coordination of the WEST operation;
  • the technical coordination and planning of all technical activities associated with IRFM platforms, in particular for the management of shared technical resources;
  • the coordination of the WEST systems maintenance in operational condition, and of the technical documentation for the operational costs of the machine.

STEP is structured in 6 groups:

  • Superconducting coils Group (Groupe Aimants supraconducteurs - GAIM)
  • Machine Assembling and Pumping Group (Groupe Machine Assemblage et Pompagne - GMAP)
  • Fuelling and Plasma Operation Group (Groupe Pilotage et Alimentation en Matière - GPAM)
  • Electronic, Data Acquisition and Control Command Group (Groupe Electronique, Acquisition de données et Contrôle-commande - GEAC)
  • Electricity Group (Groupe Electrique - GELEC)
  • Cryogenic and Cooling systems Group (Groupe Systèmes Cryogéniques et Réfrigération - GSCR)



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