IRFM Organization

In order to successfully implement its objectives, IRFM must maintain a careful balance between scientific and project-oriented tasks. Up to 2015, the Institute was organized in a structure aiming to bring physicists and engineers closely together in their work. With the evolution of the environment (development of contracts for ITER, a new framework for the European fusion programme with EUROfusion replacing the Association Contracts with Euratom since 2014, and an improved structure of the French framework within the national fusion federation), the organization became more and more complex, with many coordination structures. In order to simplify the interfaces and properly distribute responsibilities, the Institute was reorganized in January 2016, with three Departments more specifically related to the various stakeholders (Figure 1).

IRFM Organization

Each Department has a staff of about 100 persons divided in 5 laboratories (also designed as groups), structured either through a profession or through a study field.

The Direction is responsible for steering, arbitration and internal evaluation of the overall strategy, partnerships, and comprehensive utilization of all resources of the Institute. It also provides control functions for Safety, Infrastructure and Environment as well as Communication. The Direction takes responsibility of the interfaces to all our contractors and coordination structures.

4 units are directly placed under the responsibility of the Head of the Institute:

  • Strategy, Evaluation and Partnerships
  • Human Resources, Finances, Contracts, Intellectual Property and Valorization
  • Infrastructure, Safety and Environment
  • Communication

The 3 Departments are responsible for the operational management of IRFM activities and projects. They provide operational set-up and monitoring. They define and implement the associated resources and also ensure skill development.


The 3 Departments are:



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