Engineering & Project Department (SI2P)
Service d’Ingénierie, des Internes et des Projets

The Engineering and Projects Department (SI2P, Service d’Ingénierie des Internes et des Projets) is responsible for the development and operation of the tokamak internal components (plasma facing components and heating systems) and their protection. It is also responsible for engineering activities and support to the management of IRFM projects.

Engineering & Project Department (SI2P)

SI2P staff
(March 2016)

These activities include:

  • development (design, production monitoring, qualification, evolution in plasma environment) of plasma facing components for fusion (first wall, limiters, divertors, antenna and port protection) and operation of associated test facilities;
  • operation, maintenance, data validation and developments of diagnostics associated with the wall protection;
  • operation, maintenance, data validation and development of plasma heating systems;
  • responsibility for complementary activities related to engineering, industry monitoring, quality and project management support.

The Head of SI2P also has complementary responsibilities covering:

  • the coordination of IRFM "major projects" in the field of project management (support, resource monitoring and governing boards);
  • the operational interface with ITER Organization, F4E (ITER and Broader Approach), CEA for activities related to ITER and the "Reactor";
  • the coordination and promotion of "Reactor" activities.


SI²P is structured in 5 groups:

  • Plasma Facing Components Group (Groupe Composant Face au Plasma - GCFPM)
  • Fusion Design & Engineering Group (Groupe Conception et Ingénierie Fusion - GCIF)
  • Plasma Heating Systems Group (Groupe Systèmes de Chauffage du plasma - GSCP)
  • First Wall Protection Group (Groupe Protection de la Première Paroi - GP3)
  • Methods & Projects Group (Groupe Méthodes et Projets - GMP)

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