Aug 01, 2016
WEST Power Supplies in their home land

The 2 power supplies for the WEST divertor coils provided by SWIP arrived from China in July.

WEST Power Supplies in their home land

Arrival of WEST power supply components from China

Between July 18 and 22, 6 container trucks arrived at IRFM to deliver the components of the 2 new WEST power supplies. The 2 transformers and 14 electrical cabinets traveled by land and sea for 7 weeks before arriving at Fos harbour.

These components were manufactured by NERCC company (National Engineering Research Center of Convertors) under SWIP (SouthWestern Institute of Physics in Chendgu) management. Production ended in December 2015 and several months of factory tests followed. These tests after some improvement of the filter reactor performance validated the technical requirements including the thermal behavior of the water cooled components in the 20 kA current range. The installation is ongoing at IRFM premises.

These power supplies will allow the steady-state of WEST diverted plasmas during 1000s/hour.



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