Aug 10, 2016
In-situ winding of the divertor coils completed

A crucial milestone was reached with the completion of the divertor coil windings in August 2016, after 6 months of hard work in a restricted space.


In-situ winding of the divertor coils completed

"An explosion of joy" with the end of coil windings building

The Tore Supra transformation into WEST is really not a small task! After undressing the tokamak, the most challenging operation was the installation of the in-vessel coils required to achieve the divertor configuration. To drive large current in steady state, the solution of in-situ brazing and insulating of pre-formed conductor stretches was chosen to constitute the coil winding. Specific tooling taking into account the tight environment of the vacuum vessel was developed for the numerous steps of the process. After 6 months of hard work and about 150 brazing, the upper and lower coil windings are now enclosed in their stainless steel casing to the millimeter waiting for resin impregnation.



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