Jun 23, 2016
Reception of the first ITER-like components for the WEST divertor

The two first full-scale PFU (Plasma-Facing Unit) prototypes for the WEST divertor were delivered at IRFM on May 26th, 2016.

Reception of the first ITER-like components for the WEST divertor

The two first ITER-like components for the WEST divertor

This key component, an in-kind procurement of ASIPP – a Chinese partner of the WEST project – has been manufactured by the companies which were in charge of the tungsten-W divertor of the EAST Tokamak. These PFU are the result of a fruitful collaboration between the two Research Institutes.

The PFU are actively cooled plasma facing components and use the ITER tungsten monoblock technology. They are 50 cm long and match the straight part of ITER PFU (1/3 of the total length). Such a high-performance component, which can sustain heat fluxes up to 20 MW/m2 in steady-state conditions, will equip the WEST lower divertor and will be tested in the WEST tokamak from the start-up phase.

An exhaustive pre-characterization program, including non-destructive testing with SATIR facility (IR thermography control) and high heat flux test in reception mode (few cycles at nominal heat flux of 10 MW/m2) is being performed before integration into a test sector. Control of gap and misalignment between neighboring components will complete the pre-characterization.

The operation of this ITER-like PFU in the WEST tokamak, supported by a thorough monitoring (notably by high resolution infrared thermography), will provide a first experience in the operation of such high-performance components. The objective of these experiments is the risks mitigation for ITER divertor, a key component of the tokamak.



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