Sep 27, 2016
Signing of a cooperation agreement with Thailand

TINT, Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology, represented by its Executive Director Nisamaneephong Pornthep and CEA / DRF represented by Maria Faury signed a collaboration agreement in the field of Magnetic Fusion Research.


On September 22, during the visit of the TINT Board of Director under the aegis of Wongsaengchan Atchara, Secretary General of the Office of Atoms for Peace in Thailand, a collaboration agreement was signed between CEA and TINT. This agreement allows formalizing the participation of TINT’s scientists in the WEST experiments, and exchanges of students and researchers, but especially to support Thailand in a training of students and researchers in the field of Fusion science. In this training framework, since January 2015, IRFM and TINT co-organize an annual school of physics of plasmas in Thailand, open to researchers and students from ASEAN countries.

This continued and friendly collaboration between our institutes helps develop our capacity in fusion research, not only for TINT staff but also for the research network on plasma and nuclear fusion in Thailand. In addition, the network is going to expand to ASEAN countries through the ASEAN School on plasma and nuclear fusion which IRFM is one of the main contributors to this development by sending the experts and help developing the school curriculum “ said Mrs Wongsaengchan Atchara.

During its stay, the Thai delegation visited the IRFM facilities, and then the CEA Cadarache Centre and ITER worksite.


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