Jul 10, 2016
Seamless door-to-door delivery

The five Power Supplies built in Spain under CEA responsibility have been delivered to Japan for the JT-60SA tokamak. After a 42 day long shipping and a thorough inspection of boxes thanks to shake detector sensors, the Power Supply components could be transferred to Japanese at the Yokohoma port.

Seamless door-to-door delivery

Power Supplies installation at Naka

In March 2013, CEA committed F4E to supply Power Supplies for EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5 and TF coils for the Japanese Tokamak. The chosen manufacturer was JEMA, a Spanish Company The  located in San Sebastian. The power supplies were designed, manufactured, tested and then validated on April the 22th, ready to travel to Japan from Bilbao port.

In order to ensure that boxes would be received without any damage, a control process with shock recorder was used from shipment Port to the delivery Port.

The different power supplies were carefully packed and placed in 39 wooden boxes  with 95 shake detection sensors. Then, these 39 boxes were installed in 7 containers before starting a long journey of 42 days.

After 2 boat changes, one in Algeciras (Spain) and the other in Shanghai, the 7 containers safely arrived at Yokohama Port on June the 19th.

The inspection boxes, by checking the status of each shake detection sensor took place on June, the 23rd  with each project representative: Katsuhiro SHIMADA (QST), Antti JOKINEN (F4E), Samir GHARAFI (CEA) and Satoru MATSUMI (JEMA Representative).

Power Supplies could continue their trip to Naka under Japanese responsibility to be installed in tokamak premises in July.





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