Nov 19, 2015
MIFI - CEA-ITER facilities fully operational

With the installation and commissioning of two main equipment finalized on October 15, 2015 in CEA premises, MIFI (Magnet Infrastructure Facilities for ITER) is fully operational.

Recently, a 3 axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine was delivered and installed, and a complete High Voltage Test bench was commissioned.


MIFI - CEA-ITER facilities fully operational

HV test bench : electrical discharge during impulse test for commissioning

The MIFI project consists of a dedicated set of four laboratories staffed with technicians with expertise in various fields (low/high voltage instrumentation, insulation, superconductivity, cryogenics and mechanical manufacturing and assembly). It also includes a storage and archiving building.


The labs are now just reaching a fully operational state, but the majority of the activities had already started using CEA workshops and equipment when needed.

  • Cryogenics and mechanical cycling tests on insulating breakers (IB) with data acquisition.

  • Destructive examination of magnet conductors.

  • Low voltage and High voltage qualifications of components (cables, wires, IB).

  • Manufacture of a Cold Termination Box mockup for testing assembly procedures (cable connection, welders accessibility...).

  • Tests on the joint box design and assembly process including machining, silver coating and Indium wires creeping.



MIFI - CEA-ITER facilities fully operational

CNC milling machine

With these new equipment, IRFM is able to machine complex pieces and prototype components and to perform the full test sequence for quality control of the HV components production.

The activity and workload is increasing with the preparation of a Sultan* sample for the Main Busbar conductor and of the Intermediate Outer Intercoil Structure (IOIS) Assembly mockup.


In anticipation of increasing activities, MIFI’s staff will be reinforced with two additional technicians at the beginning of 2016 with expertise in CNC milling machine, mechanical assembly and Non Destructive Examination (NDE).





* Sultan : Facility for testing and evaluating high current superconductors operated by CRPP (Lausanne).



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