EFPW2019 Programme


EFPW 2019 Programme

This years' EFPW27 topic will differ from recent EFPWs. It will be mainly devoted to programmatic issues, that are encompassed in the establishment of the EUROfusion Work Plan proposal for the next European Framework Programme and it will thus focus on the implementation issues. In that respect, attendance from the Heads of Research Units is expected.

The objectives are twofold :

  • Promoting a better understanding, and an in depth discussion between European scientists and programme and fusion laboratories managers about the major issues of the EUROfusion programme, their deliverables and milestones.
  • Addressing selected key scientific and technical issues of the programme


The following session topics were agreed:

  •  Towards ITER success and resolving DEMO physics issues (Chairs: Hartmut Zohm and Xavier Litaudon)
  •  Towards a viable DEMO conceptual design (Chairs: Andre Grosman and Gianfranco Federici)
  •  Stellarator development and innovation actions (Chairs: Robert Wolf and Richard Kembleton)
Last update : 23/09/2019