The DIII-D PWI program’s recent work on understanding tungsten divertor sourcing and SOL transport using multiple poloidally-localized sources in ELM-y H-mode discharges
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mardi 23/05/2017, 11h00-12h30
Salle René GRAVIER 506 rdc, CEA Cadarache

This talk will overview the DIII-D PWI program which has a mission to integrate local and global PMI issues focusing on the evaluation of innovative materials in a mixed material environment. Particular emphasis in the talk will be on initial global migration experiments which used metal inserts with novel isotopically-enriched tungsten coatings at the outer divertor strike point region integrated into DIII-D’s otherwise fully carbon wall. This setup provided unique insight into ELM-induced W sourcing, main-SOL W transport, and core W accumulation control mechanisms for a range of operating conditions, including high performance plasmas. This experimental approach has used a multi-head, dual-facing collector probe at the outboard midplane, as well as W-I and core W spectroscopy, to generate vital information on edge impurity transport – providing information on the missing link between the W divertor source and core W content in tokamaks.

Contact : SG165549