8th Festival de Théorie
du 06/07/2015 au 24/07/2015
faculté de lettres, Aix-en-Provence

Pathways to Relaxation

Scope of the meeting

The Festival de Théorie is an initiative that aims at organising theory working groups on well-focused subjects in magnetised plasma physics. The international meetings usually gather 25 to 35 experts during three weeks.

The objective is three fold. First, the participants present the most recent results in the field and promote new ideas. Secondly sub-groups are formed and start new common work on the subject. In this regard, it is expected that the participants cover a broad spectrum of expertise. The third objective is to provide educational training for PhD and post-doc students.

The eight meeting of the "Festival de Théorie" will be organised from July 6th to July 24rd 2015 in Aix-en-Provence.

The main topic is "Pathways to Relaxation". This includes – but is not limited to – reconnection events such as Solar flares and general impulsive relaxation in astrophysics, sawteeth, Edge Localized Modes and edge relaxation phenomena in confined plasmas, Taylor relaxation, Potential Vorticity mixing dynamics and homogenization in fluids, and general aspects of constrained relaxation.

Participants will come from various fields of research, namely fusion, space and astrophysics.

Participants will be invited by the Scientific Committee and notified in the coming months. Your contribution and suggestion to the scientific organisation is welcomed.

Scientific organisation

Each half-day of the meeting will start with a presentation given by a participant. Morning presentations will be dedicated to tutorial lectures. Blackboard presentations and discussions will be promoted. Most of the time will be shared between individual work and discussions in working groups.

Lectures will be given by some of the senior participants to the young scientists attending the meeting. These lectures aim at introducing, in a pedagogical way, the most advanced concepts and results presented during the talks.

This invitation covers the 3 weeks of the venue. We strongly encourage a participation of 2 weeks minimum. The number of participants is limited to about 35 senior scientists. We wish to keep the Festival de Théorie open to less experienced theoreticians, Post-docs and PhD students.

Financial support was offered to several participants for the previous venues of the Festival. Such a support will be available for the present meeting; priority will be given to the longer stays with an increased effort to support the students.

Note that if you have ever attended the festival. You should be given a wiki username and password.

Contact : TH099389