Sonification of light spectra (séminaire en Français)
Vendredi 24/10/2014, 11h00-13h00
Salle René GRAVIER 506 rdc, CEA Cadarache

The "Sonification of light spectra » project is a collaboration of Alexander Mihalic, resident at the IMERA during this year, and Alexandre Escarguel, plasma physicist at the PIIM laboratory and responsible for the MISTRAL experiment. It proposes to “transform” the visual information into audio information giving thereby a new perspective and a new dimension to the perception of a physical phenomenon. In this frame, the signification of spectroscopic data enables new means of observation of light emitting sources. In the MISTRAL experiment, a spectrometer analyses the light emitted by the plasma. The spectroscopic data are send to an additive synthesis software especially developed for this purpose. They are converted into audio data with the possibility to zoom into specific spectral regions. Applications to plasma physics for live plasma monitoring and artistic purposes are planned in the PIIM laboratory. We thank Didier Guyomarc’h and Patrick Sanchez (LMA) for their fruitful help in this project.


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