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Dec 17, 2015
The CEA tool for foreseen fusion power plant design in the hands of the European scientific community

A training session for Sycomore was organized via videoconference on the 15th-16th  December 2015 for our partners involved in DEMO studies in Europe. This code will allow to design the next post-ITER reactor generation and perform sensitivity analyses of the machine’s performances on the design parameters and assumptions.



During the training session at Cadarache


Sycomore is a modular system code developed at CEA which aims at designing future DEMO-class electricity producing fusion reactors. The code models every subsystem of the plant using quick and simple codes, from the plasma physics in the reactor core and divertor to the more technological elements: superconducting coils, tritium breeding blankets, electricity generation. On the long term, Sycomore is expected to give indications on which of the reactor elements the research effort should be pushed in order to reach the expected performances for an electricity-producing fusion reactor.



Around 15 persons have taken part in the two-day training session. After a morning focused on presentations of the code modules, a hands-on session was organized to allow trainees to run example cases on their own copy of the code. They are now able to design their own studies with Sycomore, with support from the IRFM development team.


Sycomore is now entering an international exploitation phase which will lead to new designs for electricity producing fusion reactors.







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