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Nov 28, 2014
The “French-Japanese collaboration in support of ITER” explained to journalists

A Broader Approach & JT60SA Press conference was held in Saclay on 14th November 2014.

Thanks to this event, different aspects were highlighted:

  • The different projects undertaken in Japan in support of ITER and an update on their actual status.
  • The CEA and the French & European companies’ contribution



Interview of the JT-60SA delegation

The 21th JT-60SA Progress Meeting, gathering Japanese & European Teams, held in Saclay on 12th and 13th November, gave CEA the opportunity to set up a Press Conference on the following day.

In addition to the international team, the First Secretary, Scientist Advisor of the Japanese Embassy in Paris (dealing with the ITER Organization relations) as well as the Head of JAEA in Paris (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) took place in this event.

Major industrial partners of the Broader Approach were invited by CEA: Alstom, Air Liquide, Bull, Thales, JEMA, SDMS, Alsyom & LGM.  They were all involved in a press pack provided by CEA summarizing the 3 aspects building the Broader Approach (achieved mile stones and the main objectives).

More than 50 people attended this meeting.


Cold Test Facility for superconducting magnets in Saclay

Journalists were offered a tour after quality talks on the Broader Approach thanks to the JT-60SA Japanese Director and Gabriele Fioni (Head of CEA-DSM) and were shown different very interesting facilities involved in the Broader Approach:

- The JT-60SA Toroïdal Coil Test Facility

- The IFMIF-LIPAc injector mockup facility

Out the Broader Approach, the journalists were also invited to other CEA Saclay (Synergium)’s division by PH. Chomaz, L. Genini & P.Védrine.


Journalists, companies, CEA and japanese scientists...

Among the journalists were the Japanese Editions, the French Press Agency (AFP), Le Parisien, La Recherche, VSD, l’Express … each of them’s attention was attracted by this first time ever introduction to the subject.



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