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Jun 20, 2014
Completion of the detailed design of the new X-2D Spectrometer for WEST

The design of the new ITER-relevant X-ray spectrometer has recently been completed with the financial support of the PACA region. This new diagnostic will measure the ion and electron temperatures, heavy impurity density and plasma rotation.  The design is modular and includes three channels viewing the entire plasma. The crystal holder is now under production.


The detail design for the X-2D Spectrometer for WEST is now completed with the financial support of the PACA region. This new ITER-relevant diagnostic is done to measure ion and electron temperature, heavy impurity density,  as well as toroidal and poloidal rotation in the core plasma. It is the only diagnostic in WEST able to measure Ti profiles. With a modular design using three channels, it could deliver a complete view of the core plasma.

The X-ray emissions are diffracted by spherical crystals providing spectral and spatial (altitude) resolutions. The design of the spectrometer has been optimized for three spherical crystals allowing the measurement of Ar16+, Ar17+, Fe24+ ions. The detector position is fixed but it's possible to vary precisely the cristal position on a rotary table and determine the alignment of the system.

The diagnostic has now entered its production phase and the holders of the crystals is now being manufactured


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