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July 2017

A new Infrared diagnostic has been developed by IRFM to study heat loads on the W monoblocs of the Divertor plasma facing units (PFU) with a very high spatial resolution @ 100µm. The objective is to study the effects of misalignments, mutual shadowing of the Divertor PFUs as well as the ... More »
The “René Pellat Memorial Festival Prize" aims to distinguish a young researcher for his/her significant work in plasma physics developed during the Festival de Théorie. Miss CHE received on July 6 this new price set up in 2017 from a CEA initiative.

March 2017

The equatorial visible/infrared Wide Angle Viewing System (WAVS) is developped by CEA in a consortium with Ciemat (E) and Bertin Technologies (F). The design of port-plug components for this very complex diagnostic has been promoted by Fusion for Energy as the new reference model of the ... More »

February 2017

IRFM designed, manufactured and qualified some mock-ups for DEMO divertor developped in a EUROfusion project. These components use an innovative material which resisted up to 25 MW/m2 heat fluxes.
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