1st IAEA Technical Meeting on

Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis

1st of June - 3rd of June 2015
Nice, France
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Important dates:
  • March 2, 2015
    Submission of abstracts starts
  • March 2, 2015
    Submission of the Participation Form [A, B, C] starts
  • April 9, 2015
    Information about the acceptance of the papers
  • April 9, 2015
    Grant awards
  • April 10, 2015
    Deadline for submission of the Participation Form through the appropriate governmental authority
  • June 1, 2015
    Meeting begins
  • June 30, 2015
    Deadline for paper submission


Fusion Science & Technology Special Issue

1st IAEA TM on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis
Author Instructions

It is intended to arrange a publication of papers from the workshop in a refereed journal, Fusion Science and Technology (FS&T).

All papers must be submitted electronically via the Fusion Science and Technology (FS&T) website at: http://fst.edmgr.com/ . Please do not forget to mention  IAEA TM FDPVA Nice Proceedings  at the beginning of your paper and in the letter to editor.

Submission of a manuscript implies that it is not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere and that the authors have obtained the necessary publication rights.

All papers will undergo a rigorous technical and editorial review in accordance with FS&T standards.  Accepted papers will be published in FS&T special issue and must be prepared according to author instructions at http://fst.edmgr.com/ and http://www.ans.org/pubs/journals/fst/.

In addition to the requirements of the Journal, a completed Cover Page (described below) must accompany each manuscript to keep special issue cluster together and allow expedited handling.

Submission of papers: Manuscripts should be prepared in single column, double-spaced format with 12 point font to facilitate review and editing.  Paper submission will be electronic submission via the FS&T website located at http://fst.edmgr.com/.  Authors (if they have not yet published or reviewed papers with FS&T) must first register as an author in order to submit a manuscript.  After selecting Submit New Manuscript on the Author Main Menu, authors will be taken to a new window with a drop down menu for Choose Article Type - Technical Paper and proceed to follow the manuscript submittal directions.

Papers must be received for review no later than July 31, 2015.

Cover page: Please indicate that the submission is part of the 1st IAEA TM on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis; and include IAEA-TM abstract number, Title of the paper, and Author list, as well as the name, complete address/affiliation, and the e-mail address of the corresponding/contact author (marked by an asterisk) should be included on the cover page of the manuscript.

Key words: Authors must supply up to 4 keywords for indexing purposes per the FS&T Author Instructions.

Manuscript Format: The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with FS&T regular journal instructions at http://www.ans.org/pubs/journals/fst/.  Make sure to follow specific ANS/FST reference style http://cdn.ans.org/pubs/journals/fst/docs/fst-ref-style.pdf.

Language: All papers must be written in English and the authors are responsible for correct English usage.  Papers that have serious language and grammatical errors will be returned to the authors and may not be considered for publication if a linguistically revised version is not promptly resubmitted.

English correction policy: Authors have the primary responsibility for providing acceptable English. Papers with low quality of English may result in rejection of the paper.

Illustrations: Figures submitted electronically should be of sufficient quality and resolution to reproduce well in the journal.  Figures with insufficient resolution will be noted.  Only Black and White figures will be published in the printed copies of the special issue.  Color figures will be available in the online version of the special issue.

Reviewed Papers: The Corresponding Author will be notified of the results of the technical and editorial review via the electronic submission system.  Revised manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the editor’s and reviewer’s recommendations as would any regular paper submitted to the Journal.

Copyright/Page Charge forms:  After acceptance, with final manuscript submission, authors will be asked to submit a completed Copyright Transfer (or equivalent) Form.  The forms can be found at http://www.ans.org/pubs/journals/fst/docs/copyrightform-fst.pdf.

For further information, contact:

Fusion Science & Technology
Editorial Office
Email: fst@ans.org

American Nuclear Society
Phone:  708/579-8312
Fax:  708/579-8313
Email:  fst@ans.org

IAEA CEA Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis