1st IAEA Technical Meeting on

Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis

1st of June - 3rd of June 2015
Nice, France
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  • March 2, 2015
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  • April 9, 2015
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Scientific programme

Invited talks 30’, oral 25’


Monday 1st June

08h30-9h00 Welcome and registration
09h00-9h30 Welcome from Nice major (or representative); welcome IAEA (S. Gonzalez); welcome Local organizer (D. Mazon)


1. Disruption prediction and classification (Chair Jesus Vega)

P. de Vries (invited): "Requirements for triggers of the ITER Disruption Mitigation System"
J. Vega, R. Moreno, A. Pereira, A. Murari, S. Dormido-Canto: "Investigation of plasma dynamics to detect the approach to the disruption boundaries"

10h50-11h10 Coffee break


R. Moreno, J. Vega, S. Dormido-Canto, A. Murari: "Overview of disruption prediction at JET during the ILW experimental campaigns"
G. Sias, R. Aledda, B. Cannas, R. Delogu, A. Fanni, A. Murari, A. Pau: "A multivariate analysis of disruption precursors on JET and AUG"


12h00-13h00 Lunch break


2. Inverse problem and error treatment (Chair Didier Mazon)

J. Blum (invited): "Equilibrium reconstruction and identification of the current density profile"
B. Faugeras: "Boundary reconstruction using toroidal harmonics and an optimal control method"
H. Liu: "First results of Polarimeter-Interferometer System for current density measurement on EAST"
A.  Wojenski: "Concept and current status of data acquisition technique for GEM detector based SXR diagnostics"
T. Craciunescu:  "New developments in JET gamma emission tomography".

15h10-15h30 Coffee break


J. Mlynar: "Tikhonov regularisation adapted to the real-time tomography"
K. Fujii: "Measurement of the neutral hydrogen atom density in the LHD core plasmas based on the spectral inversion"
C. Rapson: "Real-time data fusion for nuclear fusion"



Tuesday 2nd June

3. Integrated Data Analysis (Chair Rainer Fischer)

L. M. Reusch (invited): "Electron Temperature Measurements Combining Soft X-ray Tomography with Thomson Scattering Using MCMC"
M. E. Galante (presented by L. M. Reusch): "Impurity Density Profiles and Their Effect on Zeff by Integrating Measurements from the Soft X-ray Tomography System and Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy"
F. Imbeaux: "Applications of Bayesian temperature profile reconstruction to automated comparison with heat transport models and uncertainty quantification of current diffusion"
R. Fischer: "Recent developments of Integrated Data Analysis at ASDEX Upgrade: Kinetic profiles, current diffusion and equilibrium"

10h15-10h35 Coffee break



4. New mathematical methods for extracting models directly from the data (Andrea Murari)
A.Murari: "Symbolic regression for the derivation of mathematical models directly from the data"
E.Peluso (invited): "Genetic programming for the data driven formulation of scaling laws: the case of the L-H and H-L transitions"
S.Talebzadeh: "From machine learning tools to mathematical models: the case of disruption prediction and avoidance"
G.Verdoolaege: "Demonstration of the robustness of geodesic least squares regression for scaling of the energy confinement and power threshold in tokamaks"


12h20-13h20 Lunch break



5. Physics model validation (Nathan Howard)
T. Goerler (invited): "Recent progress in comparing gyrokinetic  GENE simulations with experimental measurements"
P. Ricci: "Verification & Validation of plasmas turbulence codes in scrape-off layer conditions"
A.E. White: "Comparing transport in Alcator C-Mod high confinement I-mode plasmas with GYRO nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations"
S. Akaslompolo: "Validating the Monte Carlo test particle code ASCOT"
M. Churchill: "Edge physics discovery and validation by synthetic diagnostics using the XGC gyro-kinetic codes"
N.T Howard: "Progress validating the gyrokinetic model in Alcator C-Mod and DIII-D plasmas"
K. Mc Collam: "Comparing MHD simulations to experiments"


16h20-16h40 Coffee break



6. Synthetic diagnostics (Chair Andreas Dinklage)
U. von Toussaint (invited): "Bayesian Gaussian Processes as surrogate models for complex computer codes"
C. Lechte: "Doppler Reflectometry Simulations for ASDEX Upgrade"
A.Langenberg: "Forward Modeling of an X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer within the Minerva Bayesian Analysis Framework"
S. Lisgo: "Synthetic H-alpha diagnostics for ITER: inverse problems and error estimations for strong non-Maxwellian effects and intense divertor stray light"



Wenesday 3rd June


7. Data Calibration, Validation and Analysis (Chair: Yasunori Kawano)
H. Tojo (invited): "An in-situ spectral calibration method of Thomson scattering diagnostics for severe radiation circumstances"
M. A. Naveed: "Magnetic Diagnostics for GLAST-III Tokamak"
M.A. Chilenski: "Towards a Bayesian analysis of impurity transport data"
S.G. Lee: "Toroidal Rotation and Ion Temperature Validations in KSTAR Plasmas"

10h25-10h45  Coffee break


J.C.Chorley: "GPU – based data analysis for SAMI"
M. Takeuchi: "Development of the In-situ Calibration Method for ITER Divertor IR Thermography"
I. Semenov: "Grid Technology for Controlled Fusion: Conception of the Unified Cyberspace and ITER Data Management"


12h00-13h00 Lunch break



8. Image processing for advance data analysis and Real time (Chair Didier Mazon)
A. Herrmann (invited):  "Surface temperature measurement of in-vessel components and its real-time validation"
S. Martinov: "Real Time Machine Protection at ASDEX Upgrade using Near Infrared Cameras"
B. Sieglin: "Real Time IR Thermography at ASDEX Upgrade: Current Status and Future Prospects"
X Courtois: "Design of WEST Infrared thermography diagnostics"
V. Martin: "Investigations on cross-developments for ITER imaging data processing and validation

15h10-15h30  Coffee break



9. Stochastic modelling and time series analysis (Chair Geert Verdoolaege)
F. Felici (invited): "Real-time diagnostic data fusion using the RAPTOR transport code in combination with an Extended Kalman Filter, with application to diagnostic fault detection and disruption prediction"
A. Shabbir: "Analysis of the dependence between inter-ELM time intervals and energy losses"
B. Cannas  (speaker F. Pisano): "Testing for chaos in type-I ELM dynamics on JET with the ILW"
G. Hornung: "Bayesian inference of plasma turbulence properties from reflectometry Measurements"
F. Zaitsev: "Evaluation of epsilon-net calculated equilibrium reconstruction error bars in the EUROfusion WP-CD platform"
L. Zabeo: "Data for the ITER Plasma Control System"
E. Kurt: "Simulation studies on the ion trajectories and energy spectra for a new inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device"


18h10: end of the meeting

IAEA CEA Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis